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156 MH/S






Welcome to TeamDoge
The Community Pool

We even have some fancy graphics. wow

Merge Mining
(Coming Soon!)

Here at TeamDoge we will be merge mining lots of different coins; pick whether you want just dogecoin or other coins too!

Zero Pool Fees
Keep your Coins

Why should we charge a fee? Keep your hard-earned dogecoin and pay zero pool fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did all of the stats go?

Sorry about that! You can check stats and statuses on any of the following links:
Teamdoge Status
Miner Stat Checker
Worker List

How can I start mining at TeamDoge?

The easiest way to start mining is to visit out “Getting Started” page. It has all the information you should need to fire up an ASIC or GPU Miner! Then if you have any other issues you can hop onto IRC and get in contact with any one of our amazing operators!

How often does the pool payout?

TeamDoge pays out to all of it’s miners after 260 confirmations on a block. This means after we find a block you’ll have to wait 4 hours and 20 minutes before the payout reaches you.

I've been mining for ages and still haven't got a payout!?

If you don’t have a very fast miner (typically below 100kh/s) it can sometimes take a while for your internal balance to reach over our internal payout threshold, which is 20 doge at the moment. At this present time there is no way to check this due to low demand but you should receive one eventually (as long as you continue to mine!)

How does the pool make money?

The pool currently does not bring in any specific revenue. We don’t charge a fee unlike many larger pools. We rely on a large ASIC miner’s profits and donations to stay online!